Does support co-host accounts? supports all Airbnb accounts, whether they are primary hosts or co-hosts.

All listings will be imported from Airbnb whether the connected Airbnb account is the primary host, or a co-host of the listing. 

There is no feature distinction between primary hosts and co-host accounts regarding the Messaging component which will work exactly the same way. 

Co-hosted listings are also charged in the same fashion as other listings.

Are there known issues with co-host accounts?

Most users use with a co-host aspect without any complication. 

For example, co-hosts accounts are able to access the same conversations from Airbnb, at the same time. 

However, co-hosted listings will not benefit fully from the Metrics component due to limitations to the data available on Airbnb for co-hosted listings.

Data for co-hosted listings will not appear in the:

  • Reviews export

  • Payouts export

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