What are scheduled messages?

Using scheduled messages to automate your guest messaging

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Scheduled messages are created by Messaging Rules. These messaging rules can include your check-in instructions, preparation details, access codes, follow up and upsells, check-out instructions, review requests and review reminders, and even messages several months after checkout.

They can be scheduled based on specific timing, such as: when a reservation is made, check-in and check-out time, or a day of the week. They can also be scoped to only be sent to guests related with a specific property, booking platform, or host.

We generate scheduled messages the moment the booking is confirmed. This lets you edit the messages for a specific guest, delete any scheduled message, or send the message earlier.

We reschedule messages if the dates of the booking are altered, and will automatically delete the messages if the reservation is cancelled. All scheduled messages for a guest can be found in your conversation with them, in the Activity panel within the left sidebar.

For information on how to create a scheduled message, read this article.

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