Our artificial intelligence component scans all your guests' messages for questions and replies to them automatically if you have configured a reply. The questions that the AI is looking for belong to pre-defined categories.

Our questions feature is currently available only for questions that are asked in English.

To discover Questions and set up automatic replies:

  1. Go to Guest experience.

  2. Click on Questions.

  3. Click on a Question name you might like to answer.

From that page:

  • You can see examples of questions that would be detected.

  • You can test the AI to see if it detects a question in the second part of the screen.

  • After scrolling to the bottom of the page, you can create an automatic reply to questions.

Please do not add any greetings or salutations to your answer template. Hospitable will add these automatically if the context demands it.

You can select the Timing, Stage of the conversation and Scope that the answer applies to.

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