When our system detects a question from your guest, it checks if an active rule has been set up with a corresponding answer. If the conditions of the rule are met (stage of the conversation, scope of platform, host account and property) then an answer is prepared.

Depending on the context on the guest's question, the answer is either sent instantly or prepared only (and sent to you for review). As of this time, all question rules follow a global Timing option.

This means that if you change the Timing option for one of the question rules, this will be applied to all other question rules (but only the question rules).

If the question is asked by a guest after a new inquiry, a new request to book, or a new reservation

  • In this case, the answer will be prepared, and we will check your timing settings to define what is next.

  • If the Timing option is set to "Send instantly", a message will be sent to the guest, otherwise we will send you an email and notify you that a reply is prepared.

If the question is sent by the guest with a new inquiry, a new request to book or a new reservation

  • In this situation, we will check if there is a rule active, and if that rule contains the %answers% short code, and you have a relevant rule to answer this question (especially looking at the stage of the conversation).

  • If that is the case, we will include the prepared answer within your template, directly at the location where the %answers% short code is detected.

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