Yes you can, in fact we strongly advise you to carefully review the stage of the conversation that an answer is set up for, especially for certain categories in which an answer would only make sense during a specific stage.

For example, the Wifi category would most likely entail answers about availability during a pre-booking inquiry, whereas you might need to provide the Wifi password or instructions to connect prior to check-in or during a stay.

The answer will only be sent when the question is asked during the relevant stage of the conversation. The stages of the conversation are: before a reservation is accepted, before check-in, and during a stay.

To configure this:

  1. Scroll down to Settings while on the page to edit a question rule

  2. Tick the checkbox for This question is relevant...

  3. Select the relevant stage of the conversation (you can select more than one). The color will be green for the selected stage.

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