We are now able to synchronize prices between your listings in the same property group, as long as you have Pricing Sync enabled.

Any changes made, whether on our calendar or directly on the booking channel, will be reflected across all listings after the sync is run.

Merging properties and updating markup rates will also trigger the pricing sync to run.

Take note that the price reflected on our calendar calendar is the base price, while the price reflected on the booking channels are the final (marked up) price. When you enter a new price directly on the booking channel, we subtract the markup from that value and the resulting amount is what you will see in our calendar.

We also have an integration with PriceLabs, which is a dynamic pricing tool that you can use to manage pricing on multiple platforms. You will only need to set your prices from PriceLabs, which our service receives and applies a markup, then sends the final pricing to your connected platforms.

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