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What booking platforms do you support?
What booking platforms do you support?

We currently support reservations coming from Airbnb, VRBO, and

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We have direct integration with Airbnb,, and the VRBO family of sites.

Do you have plans to integrate with other booking channels?

We're looking into expanding the scope of our integrations to other platforms.

Our team is currently working on the integration with Direct Booking Channels. More information about the status of the integration can be found on our public roadmap. We also have plans to integrate with Agoda and Tripadvisor.

Do you have plans to support direct bookings?

Yes, we plan to implement support for direct bookings. It will allow you to add bookings processed outside your connected accounts, using a form, API integration with a direct booking site, or an iCal import.

Where can I recommend other platforms?

If there are other booking platforms you use, you can request a new integration using our public roadmap category for all booking channels. We encourage you to add your votes there to help us choose which items to work on next.

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