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My account has been disconnected. How do I reconnect it?
My account has been disconnected. How do I reconnect it?

Here are the steps to complete to reconnect your Airbnb account

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Your Airbnb or Vrbo may disconnect at one point in time. It can typically be the result of a change of your password (on your booking channel) or any security change on your connected account.

You can however reconnect your account following very easy and quick steps (from your laptop or your mobile)

  1. Go to Settings, Click on Connected accounts

  2. Click on the "Connect with Airbnb"or "Connect with Vrbo" buttons.

  3. Follow the steps in the process, which may require you to enter you account credentials and follow two-factor authentication with the channel.

As soon as your account is reconnected, we will re-import listings, reservations and conversations in their most recent state. We will also regenerate all scheduled messages for reservations that may have been secured while the account was disconnected.

Although this process may take some time depending on your account, our product is immediately usable while your account data is being updated, from the most recent to the oldest conversations.

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