If you noticed that an automatic message wasn't sent to your guest, here are some items to check:

Is your host account connected?

We send all messages to your guests using the native messaging of the booking platforms. If your host account gets disconnected, we won't be able to send messages to your guests.

To check, if your host account is connected:

  1. Go to Settings.

  2. Click on Connected accounts.

  3. If your host account is highlighted in yellow, click on the Update button.

  4. Provide your credentials to reconnect your account.

Once your account is reconnected, we will be able to send messages to our guests again.

Are there messaging rules assigned to the property?

Automatic messages are configured using messaging rules. To make to check if there are in fact messaging rules assigned to this property a guest booked on:

  1. Go to Guest Experience.

  2. Click on the Messaging rules.

  3. Click on the +Filter and select the Property filter.

  4. Find your property on the list and add the filter.

Was the messaging rule configured with a delay and you messaged the guest in the delay period?

Event based messages (messages based on an event like a reservation being accepted) can be setup with a delay.

If a message is sent to the guest (either on Hospitable.com directly or on the booking platform) within that delay period, the event message will be cancelled as we see you've already interacted with the guest and assume you've communicated what you need to with them.

To solve this for future messages, you can remove the delay on this event messaging rule and set the timing to send immediately.

Did you receive an email "Oopsie! No message sent to..."?

It may happen that we attempt to send a message to your guest, but we run into an error coming from the booking platform. It can be caused by the booking platform having technical difficulties or being temporarily unavailable.

If this happens, we will immediately send you an email with the subject "Oopsie! No message sent to [guest's name]" with the copy of the message. We recommend that you send the message manually to your guest.

If you followed suggestions above, but you couldn't find out why the message to your guest wasn't sent, please contact our support team.

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