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Why can't I reconnect my Vrbo / Airbnb account?
Why can't I reconnect my Vrbo / Airbnb account?

Troubleshooting guide to help you reconnect your account.

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Things to check & troubleshoot:

  • Be sure you have two-factor authentication (2FA) enabled for Vrbo.

  • Manually type in your login credentials to be sure they are accurate.

  • If you use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) try resyncing your channel while disconnected from the VPN.

  • Change the email address on your booking platform account.

  • Change the password on your booking channel account.

  • Reconnect using another device, such as the mobile app.

Login credentials

Ensure that the username and password you entered for your account are correct. If they are, reset your password.

  1. Log out of the booking platform website or mobile app.

  2. Login again.

  3. Try to reconnect your account to our system by entering the exact same login credentials.

  4. If that does not work, reset your password in the booking platform and repeat steps 1-3.

Vrbo is Blocking Our Connection

This is usually the reason if you notice that you are able to log in to Vrbo but resyncing it to our system fails.

We have seen cases where a Vrbo account is temporarily blocked as a security measure if they detect any risk, such as:

  • Account has been logged in from different locations (countries) based on IP address

  • Account logging in from another device

  • User is connected to a VPN (Virtual Private Network)

If resetting your password was unsuccessful, or you can't reset the password.

The block is temporary and usually resolves itself within a few days. However, our users have found the following methods to be effective in speeding up the process:

Call the Vrbo tech team a call (1-877-202-4291) and specifically ask them to:

  1. Clear out all 2FA numbers

  2. Clear out all logged-in sessions

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