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Do you support bookings created manually on Vrbo?
Do you support bookings created manually on Vrbo?
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Vrbo supports manually adding reservations requested outside of their platform, to facilitate the processing of their payments. However, in this specific scenario some restrictions apply that do not allow us to guarantee a full support for such reservations.

Manually created reservations on Vrbo are not similar to reservations that are fully initiated on Vrbo. What this means for us is that the data they share through their API from the manual booking is not as complete as it is for Vrbo-generated reservations.

This can sometimes lead to unexpected results, such as reservation updates not reflecting on our product. If that is the case, we recommend that you reach out to our support team directly, and share with us the confirmation code for this reservation (typically starting with HA-..)

We are working with Vrbo to solve this support issue, and we support adding manual reservations directly on our platform so you can use that as an alternative as we would block out the dates on all platforms and not just Vrbo.

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