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What automated messages work for reservations?
What automated messages work for reservations?

Learn about our messaging features for your reservations.

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Our integration can help you automate your communication with your guests in a similar way it works for other platforms we support. All messaging rules can be configured under Guest experience, and you will be able to manage conversations with your guests from our Inbox.

How do you send messages to guests?

All automatic messages will be sent via email.

What types of messages are supported?

We can support the following types of messages for reservations:

  • Scheduled messages

  • Replies to events

  • Team messages supports only 2 events for which we can automate the reply:

  • Booking confirmation

  • Booking cancellation does not support events prior to booking (inquiry, pre-approval, request to book..).

Do you support sending attachments?

Yes, sending attachments is supported. There is no restriction when it comes to types of the files you can send, but there is a size limit of 10 MB.

How can I know if my guest received an automatic message?

In the Inbox, we will display the status of each message, indicating if the message was received and read by your guest. There are four possible statuses available.

  • Not seen yet

  • Seen

  • Clicked (if the message includes links)

  • Failed (bounced or marked as spam)

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