After you connect your account to, we will be able to import your listings. However, allows different types of inventory setups available under the same property.

Unless you are running an hotel or hotel-like operation, we will support your case. We can support all properties for which the maximum inventory for a room type is not greater than 1. If you have a greater inventory than 1 for a given room, this setup will not be supported.

What properties can a property support?

  • A property with a single bookable unit.

For example, you have an apartment, that can be booked once at the same time.

  • A property with several listings, that can each be marketed/distributed/booked independently.

For example, you have a building (the property) with 5 apartments, and you advertise one separate listing for each apartment. Your property page gives the choice of apartment to book.

Another example, you have one apartment (the property), with 3 rooms (a "blue" room, a "green" room, and a "red" room) as separate listings.

The property that we won't support:

  • You are a hotel, boutique hotel or apartment hotel, that is distributing the same room setup over a multiple inventory.

For example, you have a building (the property) that includes one (unique) description for a room, for a residence with 20 identical rooms. In this setup, you do not advertise each room separately, but as bulk.

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