We can support all Booking.com properties for which the maximum rooms to sell inventory for a room type is not greater than 1. If you have a room with a 'rooms to sell' inventory greater than 1, this setup will not be supported.

What Booking.com properties can a Hospitable.com property support?

A Booking.com property with a single bookable unit.

  • For example, you have an apartment, that can be booked once at the same time.

A Booking.com property with several listings or rooms, that can each be booked / marketed / distributed independently.

  • For example, you have a building (the Booking.com property) with 5 apartments, and you advertise one separate listing for each apartment. Your property page gives the choice of an apartment to book.

  • Another example, you have one apartment (the Booking.com property), with 3 rooms (a "blue" room, a "green" room, and a "red" room) set up as 3 separate listings.

The Booking.com property that we won't support:

You are a hotel, that is listing the same room setup with multiple inventory.

  • For example, you have a building (the Booking.com property) that includes one (unique) description for a room, for a residence with 20 identical rooms. In this setup, you do not advertise each room separately, but in bulk.

You have a home with 3 queen bedrooms for rent, and only have 1 queen bedroom listed as a room to rent which can be booked by 3 different guests before showing as unavailable.

  • This example would have rooms to sell > 1, and would need to be changed so that there are 3 separate listings created in order for it to be supported.

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