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I'm already using software, can I still connect to
I'm already using software, can I still connect to can be used in conjunction with almost any software. Connect your account today

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Many hosts today use our system in conjunction with a variety of different short-term rental software.

With the nature of our connection to Airbnb, you can connect your account without any conflicts. You can connect your Vrbo account if it is already connected to other software, with a few limitations that you can read about here. For you can only have one partner connected at a time.

Are you interested in testing out our system but are already using property management software or a Channel Manager? That's not a problem, connect to and you can test out our system alongside your current setup.

The only adjustment you'll need to make is with your automated messages. If you choose the "Jumpstart" onboarding option during your account setup, automated messages are enabled. This could cause a duplicate message if you already have messages configured with your existing software.

Since automated messaging is one of the strongest features of our system, we suggest configuring your messaging and then disabling your automated messages on any other systems. This way you can truly test our messaging performance and get an idea of our reliability.

Connect to today and see how we can help your business. Should you have any questions you can always reach out to the support team by visiting our help center or, if you haven't connected an account yet, by clicking the "I have a question..." button

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