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What rate plans are supported?
What rate plans are supported?

How to be sure you're using a Standard rate, and what to do if you're not.

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While has a variety of rate plans that can be set for each property, only supports a Standard Rate Plan.

In order to connect your properties, each property must be set to a Standard Rate Plan on If you have any other rate plan, we will be unable to sync pricing and availability to

How to tell if you're using a Standard Rate:

  • Log in to your partner portal.

  • Select your property

  • Select Rates & Availability > Calendar

  • On the listing calendar under the rate plan title there is a small person icon.
    If next to the icon it says:

    • 'set-up' > you are on the standard rate

    • 'x# edit' > you are not on the standard rate

I'm not using a Standard Rate, what do I do?

For the majority of people, deleting their rate plans and adding new ones resets the property back to a standard rate.

Here's what to do:

  1. Delete your connection request with us in partner portal by going to Account > Connectivity Partner

  2. Delete ALL of the rates plan you have in place by going to Rates & Availability > Rate Plans > select the rate plan > Delete

  3. Add a new one back (flexible, non-refundable, or custom are all fine).

Then you'll need to check to be sure that this successfully reset your listing's pricing model by using the same steps as above.

If you are now on the standard rate:

  1. Go to Rates & Availability > Calendar > select Bulk Edit to set a standard nightly price, allows you to do this for 2 years out.

  2. Then, be sure that this property's rooms are Open and that all available dates have Rooms to Sell set to 1. You can set this from Bulk Edit as well. Ensure that any previously booked dates have no rooms available.
    (If there are no open and available rooms, you will need to disconnect Hospitable as your channel manager, open the room, and then reconnect.)

  3. Go to Rates & Availability > Sync Calendars > remove all imported calendars, if any.

  4. Go back to the Connected Accounts page and select to Connect to Be sure that you follow the connection flow and login when prompted to.

If you have done these steps and are still not on a standard rate:

  • You will need to contact support and ask them specifically to remove the pricing per guest (Occupancy Based Pricing) option for your property on their backend.

  • Once you confirm that it was done, you can follow the above steps to set your prices and open your dates.

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