How to Connect an Airbnb Account

Connecting Airbnb in Connected Accounts with the Official Integration

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If you use Facebook or Google to connect to Airbnb

If you are currently using any other social authentication method to connect to your Airbnb account, this authentication method is not compatible with our product as we require you to have an Airbnb password, and log in to Airbnb.

It's easy to create your Airbnb password:

  1. Type in your email address

  2. Follow the instructions from the email that you will receive

  3. Reset your password (we recommend that you use a different one for Airbnb and Hospitable, as is the best security practice).

From your Airbnb account:

  1. Login to your Airbnb account you wish to connect in another tab.

From your Hospitable account:

  1. Click on Connected Accounts (If you see an Upgrade button next to the connected Airbnb channel, you can also click this)

  2. Click on Connect (or Upgrade Now)

In the new Airbnb account popup:

  1. Confirm that you are logged in to your Airbnb account. Click Connect.

  2. Authorize our connection to Airbnb. Check the box "I agree to the Additional Airbnb Terms of Service". Click Allow

  3. On the success page, click Review imported listings. If the connection was unsuccessful, click Try Again.

  4. Review all the listings we found in your account.

  5. If you are not the ListingAdmin, click Invite Primary Accounts. To be able to manage co-hosted listings in Hospitable, you MUST connect the primary listing admin

After clicking on "Thanks, I'm Finished for Now" you will be redirected to your dashboard.

After connecting

After you successfully connect an Airbnb account, please allow 30 minutes for all guest conversations to import to your account. While you may not see all conversations right away, we will still be able to detect new events (like a new reservation) and send messages to your guests.

Connecting another account

If you wish to connect another Airbnb account, please log out of Airbnb and log back into Airbnb with the account you'd like to connect before clicking on "Connect to Airbnb" or "Upgrade" again on your account.

Co-hosted listings

To be able to manage co-hosted listings in Hospitable, you must connect the primary listing admin. Once your co-hosted account is connected, you'll see an Invite Host option next to this connected account.

When you click on Invite Host, you'll be able to send an email to invite the primary host(s) to connect their Airbnb account to your account directly. The host(s) will get an email from with an invite link that will bring them to their Airbnb account where they just have to approve the connection with a few clicks.

You can view that process as a primary listing admin here:

As a cohost, you may need to adjust the "Scope" of your message rules. Any message that is scoped to "All Hosts" needs to be adjusted. Pick the host account that you would like the message to be sent from by clicking the checkbox by that host's name. You can do this before inviting the listing admin or reach out to our team for help after the listing admin has connected.

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