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Important steps to complete for each property you wish to connect

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Before You Connect

  1. Have your property already created and set up in

  2. Be sure your property's rooms are single bookable units. (ex. 2 apartments in the same building). We do not support hotel-like operations for which the inventory for a room type is greater than 1.
    To learn more about what multi-inventory properties are click here.

  3. Be sure that all of your properties are on a Standard Rate Plan.
    Check out our article here on how to recognize if you're using a supported rate plan, and reset it if you're not.

  4. Remove all imported calendars, if any. You can find them by going to the Sync Calendars page of your property.

  5. Ensure your property's status is set to Open/Bookable. If not, proceed to the next steps.

    1. Go to your Calendar and click Bulk Edit.

    2. Set the end date to the end of your bookable period (two years into the future)

    3. Set a price, click Save.

    4. Set the rooms to Open, click Save.

    5. Assign only 1 room, click Save.

Once this is done, you will be able to connect to!

Note: You must begin the connection process through


  1. Go to the Connected accounts page

  2. Click on the Connect with button

  3. Verify that your setup meets our requirements โœ…

  4. Provide (or confirm) your linked email address

  5. Tell us how many properties you need to connect

  6. Provide the accommodation id for all of the properties (this is the numerical ID beside the property name in

  7. Set a markup rate to allow us to push rates from the calendar (you do have to set a number here even if it's 0)

  8. Follow the connection flow to connect to

  9. If prompted, select the properties you wish to connect to

  10. Allow the connection

After a few minutes, your connection should be approved! You may need to refresh the page to see the confirmation.

Once connected your property/properties will be pulled into our system! Be sure your properties are properly merged.

You are now fully connected! ๐ŸŽ‰

Learn how to manage your pricing through the calendar, here.

Need to add more properties from an already connected account?

This requires that you go through the same steps as before, starting on the Connected accounts page on When asked "How many properties do you manage under..." simply put in the number of new properties you are attempting to add to your account. Do not include the number of properties you have already connected.

If you have trouble with any of these steps, please check out our Troubleshooting Guide.

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