Before You Connect

  1. Have your property already created and setup on

  2. Be sure your property's rooms are single bookable units. (ex. 2 apartments in the same building). We do not support hotel like operations for which the inventory for a room type is greater than 1. To find out more click here.

  3. Click on Rates & Availability > Open/Close Rooms, be sure that "Open" is selected > then Save.

  4. Remove all of the rates plan you have in place by clicking Rates & Availability > Rate Plans.

  5. Add a new rate plan back, making sure it only has a single guest rate (not one that is based on the number of guests), as is detailed here.

Once this is done, you will be able to connect to!

On Hospitable

  1. Go to the Connected accounts page

  2. Click on the Connect with button

  3. Verify your setup

  4. Provide (or confirm) your linked email address

  5. Configure a markup rate to push prices from the calendar

Note: You must begin the connection process through


Note: There can only be one channel manager configured per property. If you are currently using another channel manager, it will have to be removed to be able to connect to

  1. Login and go to the property you want to connect

  2. Click on Account, then Connectivity provider

  3. Search for (may be found as Smartbnb) and set it as your connectivity provider

  4. Select Reservations, prices and availability for the connection type, then click Next.

  5. Check that the Contact Person Email matches your account email (You will have provided that email address to Hospitable in the previous stage).

  6. Accept the XML agreement. (You may not have to do that if you have already used another provider in the past).

  7. Be sure that Connect Automatically to the Provider is selected, then click on Next.

  8. We will send you a notification via email as soon as we are able to import your listings.

On Hospitable

  1. Select I have completed this step

In Your Email

After your listings are imported, we will send you an email confirmation with a unique email address generated for each property to set as a Special Request Contact.

  1. Find the "[ACTION REQUIRED]" email to finish the setup of your property

  2. Follow the instructions in the email

  3. Once completed, you will be able to receive messages that are sent from guests from that point in time onward. Old messages will only be received if there is new activity within the conversation.

    You are now fully connected! 🎉

Learn how to manage your pricing through the Hospitable calendar, here.

If you have trouble with any of these steps, please check out our Troubleshooting Guide.

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