The connection process can be a little more difficult than others. Here are some common issues and what to do.

I received an email saying I'm using an unsupported rate plan.

  1. Take note of the prices on your calendar, taking screenshots if needed

  2. Remove all of the rates plan even ones called Standard (under Rates & Availability > Rate Plans)

  3. Then, add a new one back, making sure it only has a single price on the calendar (not one that is based on the number of guests)

  4. If none of the above steps were successful, please contact your local support team and specifically ask them to "Turn off Rate Level Occupancy for this Hotel". This will remove the derived (RLO) pricing model from the property.

  5. If you're still having issues, please contact the support team!

I received an email from saying that my account is not recognized

This is usually because your property is set to a pricing model or rate plan that we don't support. Please check for an email from us that will explain what to do to fix this, or follow the instructions above.

This can also happen if the wrong email, or no email, is provided when connecting as a channel manager. The email auto-populates when completing the connection process, so the only way for it be incorrect is if it was edited or deleted.

If you edited or deleted the Contact Person Email when connecting us as a channel manager, please restart the channel manager connection process and do not change the auto-populated email.

I did not receive an [ACTION REQUIRED] email from Hospitable after connecting it as my channel manager

This can happen if you provided the incorrect email when connecting to

  1. Check your Spam folder to be sure it wasn't rerouted there.

  2. If it wasn't, look in your Connected Accounts page and be sure that the email address listed can be used to login to your account.

    If you cannot login with that exact email, you will need to restart the connection process.

  3. If you have successfully logged in with the email exactly as it is listed, and still haven't received an email from us, please contact our support team.

I've connected, but my calendar is wrong

Please check out this article explaining the calendar statuses.

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