calendar statuses are very different from other booking channel calendars. Here we will explain what each status means, and what you can do to fix it.

Note: The following instructions to fix each status will only apply if is your channel manager. Calendar showing:


If the rooms were closed before connecting to as a channel manager, they cannot be opened while we are connected. You will need to:

  1. Log in to the Extranet in your account

  2. Click Account > select Connectivity provider from the drop-down menu

  3. Click Deactivate to cancel the connection to

  4. Click Rates & Availability > Select Open/Close Rooms

  5. Set Room(s) to Open > Select Save

If the rooms were closed after connecting to as a channel manager, you can open them directly in your Hospitable calendar.

"Rate Closed"

When a date is manually blocked in or by another booking channel, it will show in the calendar as "Rate Closed". You can open these dates directly from your calendar.

"No Inventory"

This means that there are no rooms assigned to that date.

Please check to be sure that the date isn't booked. If it is not, reach out to our customer support team so that we can set the room for you.

"Price Missing"

This means a price was not applied to the rate plan.

You can set the price directly in your calendar, or you can enable Pricing Sync in your Sync Settings which will pull the prices from your other channels over to

"Sold Out"

This means the dates are booked in

"Multiple Blockers"

When clicking on these dates and it shows that the price is missing and there are no rooms available to sell, this happens in two different cases:

  • This is what is shown for all dates before your selected initial booking window begins.

  • This is also what is shown for dates that are booked in or another channel.

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