Direct bookings, allow you to capture direct bookings from your own website. This is available to all customers as a (free) early-access sneak preview. As we get closer to the launch, we'll release with more information on pricing.

Booking widgets allow you to embed our calendar for a property directly into your own website.

This works for all custom sites, and sites through all of the website builders such as: Wordpress, Squarespace, etc...

Our widget is not currently supported on Wix sites.

Guests will be able to see available dates and make a request to book, which will import directly into your account.

Each property has it's own specific widget that can be used for booking that particular property. Note: If you have multiple properties, you will need to embed each property widget on your site where you want guests to be able to book that property.

To locate the widget:

  1. Go to the Properties tab.

  2. Click on the selected property.

  3. Click on Booking widget

  4. Copy the direct link


Learn more about Direct Bookings overall and Direct Booking Links,

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