As we continue to build out Direct Bookings - our feature that allows you to capture direct bookings from your own website, this is available to all customers as a (free) early-access sneak preview. As we get closer to the launch, we'll reach out with more information on what the pricing will be going forward.

Direct booking links allow you to send a link to someone to review dates and make a request to book for any property.

To find your direct booking link, navigate to Properties > Select a property > Booking widget.

  • Each property has it's own specific direct link that can be used for booking that particular property.

  • Direct booking links can be sent using an digital communication service (i.e. email, WhatsApp, text, etc)

  • Direct booking links can be included in social media posts and profiles, or within online articles.


If you'd like to learn more about Direct Booking Widgets, click here.

If you've not heard of Direct or would like to learn more, click here.

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