As we continue to build out Direct Bookings - our feature that allows you to capture direct bookings from your own website, this is available to all customers as a (free) early-access sneak preview. As we get closer to the launch, we'll reach out with more information on what the pricing will be going forward.

In addition to embedding a booking widget directly into your own website, direct booking links allow you to send a link to someone to review dates and make a request to book for any property.

Each property has it's own specific direct link that can be used for booking that particular property. Direct booking links can be sent using a digital communication service (i.e. email, WhatsApp, text, etc) or included in social media posts and profiles, or within online articles.

To locate that link:

  1. Go to the Properties tab.

  2. Click on the selected property.

  3. Click on Booking widget

  4. Copy the direct link


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