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Why did dates not get blocked on all listings when I got a reservation?
Why did dates not get blocked on all listings when I got a reservation?
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There are a few reasons why we may not be able to block all of your channels when a reservation was made on one of them. Here are a few things to check.

Are you like listings merged together into a single property?

By default, we will block your calendar on all listings associated with a property when a reservation is accepted on one of them. You must have like properties merged together in order for this to happen. Learn more here.

Did you disable sync for this property?

If you have your properties merged together, check that sync is enabled. Reservation sync, is enabled by default when you first merge properties together, but can optionally be toggled off.

Did you get an email with the subject line ⚠️ Reservation Sync: Calendar block failed?

While rare, it can happen that when attempting to block out dates on your channels, the channel API may error and not accept those blocks.

Upon seeing that failure, we will immediately send you a message to let you know, so you can manually block those dates to prevent a double booking. This message has the subject line: ⚠️ Reservation Sync: Calendar block failed

Even after we send that email, we'll continue to try and block the dates anyway, just in case you haven't been able to manual block those dates.

As an additional fallback, you can also import your property iCal feed directly into your channel's calendars. This will help ensure that dates still get blocked even if this sync fails.

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