You can now accept/decline guest requested alterations to bookings, and create your own alterations directly from a thread in your Inbox. This feature

Note: This feature is not available if your Airbnb listings are not upgraded to our official Airbnb integration or if you are connected to a PMS in Airbnb.

Alterations requested by the Guest

Guests can request an alteration to their existing reservations through the Airbnb website. Based on the listing’s availability, they can request alterations to the start/end dates, or to the number of guests. Any alteration requested by an Airbnb guest will show up in the guest's message thread in our Inbox.

The host is presented with the option to either Accept or Decline the alteration within the thread, as seen below:

Alterations requested by the Host

Hosts are also able to request alterations to Airbnb reservations directly through the guest's messaging thread in our Inbox, that guests will be able to accept or decline in Airbnb.

In addition to the changes that guests can request (start/end dates, number of guests), hosts are also able to directly change the price of the reservation, or request a change to a different listing.

Changing the Accommodation Cost with a host-initiated alteration

When creating an alteration you can propose a new "accommodation cost". This field is optional and, if left empty, Airbnb will compute the total based on the nightly prices, as expected.

This total nightly price, does not take into account any cleaning fees, as these fees are added on top of the total nightly rate.

We do not currently have a way to retrieve the guest fee in order to compute the total that the guest will have to pay after the alteration. We do, however, display the expected payout amount after the alteration - displayed as 'New Payout' - which contains the total price proposed by the host minus the host fees.

Once an alteration is sent to the guest, we display it within that conversation in our Inbox as well as in Airbnb.

If the host needs to cancel an alteration request before the guest has accepted, they can do that by clicking on the 'Cancel Request' button in the Inbox thread.

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