If you have multiple units that can also be booked altogether in a single reservation, you will need a parent-child listing setup where the parent listing is the combination of individual units and the child listings are the individual units.

When one child listing is booked, only the parent listing is blocked. If the parent listing is booked, all child listings are blocked.

Hospitable currently does not have a parent-child sync feature. If you merge the listings into the same property group, we will treat them as one calendar and therefore sync pricing and availabilities among all listings which is not the result you want.

You may set this up on Airbnb using the Linked Airbnb calendars feature (this is different from the import/export calendar feature that they also have).

In VRBO, you will need to use the import/export feature to:

  • import all child listing iCals into the parent listing

  • import the parent listing iCal into each child listing

In Hospitable, you should only merge the listings for the same unit (e.g. Airbnb and VRBO listings for the parent unit).

It is not possible to import external calendars into a Booking.com listing that is connected to Hospitable.

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