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Vrbo limitations when connected to another property management software
Vrbo limitations when connected to another property management software

What to expect if you also use another property management software with Vrbo

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Vrbo no longer allows us the ability to read the Vrbo calendar when another property management software (PMS) is also being used due to changes made to their API.

Using Vrbo with a PMS (eg. Guesty, Lodgify, Hostfully, etc) alongside us has always had some limitations. As this is an issue with Vrbo’s API, it will also affect any other software that could used with Vrbo alongside a PMS.

From now on the following things will no longer work for these Vrbo listings:

  • Reservation sync (the ability to block/unblock dates for a booking) -
    However, if your PMS is also connected to your other platforms and a booking is made through another platform, the dates will be able to be blocked on Vrbo as your PMS will manage the calendar.

  • Pulling in any pricing or availability from the Vrbo listing, or syncing changes from another channel to Vrbo.

  • Pushing pricing / availability from the Hospitable calendar to Vrbo, including with PriceLabs.

  • Event discovery, alterations in particular, will be a little bit less accurate, as we can no longer use the calendar sync as a fallback method to discover events.
    We will see most events, but there might be some occasional ones that we miss. This should not happen often.

The previous limitation that still exists:

  • Vrbo doesn't always provide us with immediate updates related to reservation events or messages specifically for reservations created on the PMS or edited by the PMS, as well as manually created reservations.
    (The issue isn't between our system and the PMS, but is related to how Vrbo treats these reservations)

Automated messaging, pulling in reservations will work as normal - only the features involving the calendar are affected.

We understand this may have an affect on your business and we wish we had the ability to work alongside Vrbo and PMS’s in a better way! Unfortunately however, it will be up to Vrbo to change it's API to allow other software to be connected alongside a PMS in their system.

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