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Why aren't prices syncing from one booking channel to another?
Why aren't prices syncing from one booking channel to another?

Are prices not syncing from your lead listing's platform to another? Here are some possible reasons why:

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When pricing changes are made on your lead listing's booking channel, we rely on what is called Pricing sync to push those changes over to your other listings. We pick up pricing changes on your lead listing's platform on a rolling 4.5 hour basis. Once picked up, Pricing sync pushes those new prices to your other listings.

If you've changed the prices on your lead listing's platform and it's been more than 4.5 hours already but the prices haven't been pushed to your other listings, there are a few things to check.

Number 1: is Prising sync toggled on?

To check this, you go to Settings > Preferences > Sync or click Sync settings on the individual property page. There you want to make sure that the Pricing sync is toggled on. The toggle will show as green when a sync is toggled on.

Number 2: are your listings merged under the same property?

If your Airbnb, VRBO and listings for the same physical property aren't merged together on our Properties page, then we don't know to sync pricing between them.

On the Properties page, these should all be merged together as one property. To merge two properties, simply tick the box next to each one and click the 'Merge' button that appears.

Number 3: is your lead listing set correctly?

With all of our sync settings, the lead listing is the one we take information from to push to your other listings. This is designated by the green 'Lead listing' banner you see when you've selected your property on the Properties page.

You can change the lead listing by clicking the three dots next to the listing you want to make the lead and clicking 'Set as lead listing'.

If you've been through all of these steps and more than 4.5 hours have passed since you changed the pricing on your lead listing's platform, then please contact us in support and we will happily take a look for you!

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