Our direct booking feature is still in beta, which means not all features are available just yet. During this time, all direct features released are available free of charge. There are additional features that will be available as part of our paid-for direct premium offering in the future.

During this time, you may wish to still provide some services for your direct bookings that we don't currently offer. Below you'll find recommendations for services outside of Hospitable.com to consider depending on your needs.

Guest Vetting and ID check

The following are options to help you provide smart guest screening:

Payment processing

The following services would allow you to send and accept payment requests from your guests directly:

To request payments from your direct bookings we recommend sending the guest a public link to payment via whatever payment processor you use.

You can include this link in a new booking request or new reservation messaging rule that's set up specifically for your direct bookings. That way, you don't have to do any extra work to request final payment for the direct booking guests.

Rental Agreements

The following are options to help you provide rental agreements for your guests to sign before completing their stay with you:

These options specifically allow you to provide a public link to sign the document in your automated messages.

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