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In this article, we answer some of the most commonly asked questions about the Vrbo integration.

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Here are some questions that we see regularly. We want you to immediately get an answer, so see if your question is answered here before contacting us!

How can I automate reviews to Vrbo?

This feature is currently only available to Airbnb bookings. The nature of our current integration with Vrbo prevents us from posting reviews on your behalf.

How can I disconnect Vrbo from my Hospitable account?

To disconnect Vrbo, go to Connected accounts and click the Edit button on the account. Select Delete from the dropdown menu.

Once an account has been disconnected, we will immediately remove the relative listings from Hospitable along with any information we hold on it and any related bookings.

How often is my account synced?

We continuously pull in reservation information to place blocks on your calendar and avoid conflicting bookings.

Any manual updates made to your Hospitable calendar will immediately be pushed to all channels, regardless of sync settings.

Non-reservation-related availability, pricing, and min-night stay are pulled in from your lead listing every 4.5 hours, if those sub-sync options are enabled in your Sync Settings, and pushed to your other connected channels.

If you have PriceLabs connected, they send an update once a day. Price updates are pushed to your properties during the next sync action.

Your channels are also synced every 2.5 hours for any changes to your listing data or if new listings have been added. This can be sped up by selecting Re-Sync for the channel on the Connected Accounts page.

Why are the wrong dates being blocked by my iCal feed?

Vrbo have confirmed that they have intermittent issues with importing information from an iCal feed. This results in blocks being placed either a day earlier or later than required.

They are working on a fix for this. At present, we can only suggest removing the iCal feed to ensure that incorrect information is not being synced between your listings.

Why does my messaging rule have a warning on it?

We will flag any messages to you that are at risk of being blocked by Airbnb and/or Vrbo. Certain words or terms are not permitted in messages sent on these platforms, for example:

  • Neither platform permits the other to be mentioned i.e. mentioning Airbnb in a message to a Vrbo guest.

  • The word Google, as this could be seen as an attempt to lure a guest to a different platform. References to Google Maps will be censored.

  • Any contact details shared before a reservation is finalized.

This list is not exhaustive. While messages featuring the above are likely to be censored by the relative platform, the message could be rejected altogether. We recommend finding alternative terms to use, omitting the words altogether, and making use of shortened links if sharing guidebooks or map links.

Why does my Vrbo account keep disconnecting?

We connect to Vrbo as an active session - like when you log in to their app yourself. Vrbo will disconnect these sessions regularly to make sure you're still in control of the account. There are steps you can take to try to reduce these disconnections:

  • Please make sure that you aren't using a VPN when logging in.

  • Set up 2-factor authentication on Vrbo.

  • Contact Vrbo support 1 (877) 202-4291 to reset your account.

These disconnections are, unfortunately, completely out of our control, but we will notify you should Vrbo end our session with them.

Why have I received a Reservation Sync Failed email?

We have tried to block the calendar on a connected channel, but we were unsuccessful on the first attempt. We will continue trying to place the block and are usually successful on the second or third attempt, but we let you know as early as possible so you can manually attempt to do it. We don't want you getting any double bookings!

As a backup, you could import your property iCal into the connected channels. This way, even if Reservation Sync fails, the channel will detect the reservation on your calendar and apply the relevant block.

Why isn't my availability/pricing syncing with Vrbo?

The most common cause is having custom availability or pricing rules set on the particular channel, as they will override the information we send. Could you try removing any rules that you have set up?

Another common cause is having another PMS connected to Vrbo alongside Hospitable. This can result in conflicts when attempting to sync information. Ensure any tools you have previously used are completely disconnected!

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