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Due to the nature of our connection with, we are not able to connect to your listing unless it is on a supported rate plan. Here is how to tell this!

If you are having issues with connecting your listing to Hospitable, then the rate plan of your listing could be the culprit!

In short, we do not currently support rate plans with Occupancy Based Pricing (OBP), Length of Stay Pricing (LOS), or Rate Level Occupancy (RLO). We only support what we call Standard pricing.

  1. Log in to your partner portal while on a computer (the information displayed is limited in mobile)

  2. Select your property

  3. Select Rates & Availability or Calendar & Pricing > Calendar

  4. Set it to List-view

  5. On the listing calendar under the rate plan title there is a small person icon.

    If next to the icon it says:

    1. 'set-up' > you are on the standard pricing

    2. 'x# edit' > you are not on the standard pricing

Setting up a Standard rate plan

Hosts do not have direct access to manage the pricing model attached to a rate plan. This is something only support can do.

There is a workaround, though! For the majority of people, deleting their rate plans and adding new ones resets the property back to a standard pricing model.

Check out this quick video on how to set this up!

Here are the steps mentioned in the video above. If you have not yet connected your listing to Hospitable, you can skip to step

  1. Snooze your listing to avoid accidental double bookings while you're performing these steps.

  2. Temporarily disconnect your listing from Hospitable. a. Go to your Booking Extranet b. Select the property c. Click Account d. Select Connectivity Provider e. Select Disconnect under Hospitable

  3. Delete ALL of the rates plan you have in place! a. Go to Rates & Availability or Calendar & Pricing b. Select Rate Plans c. Click Delete next to your rate plan

  4. Add a new rate plan back. You can select Flexible, Non-refundable, or Custom.

  5. Go back to your calendar page on the Extranet. a. Rates & Availability or Calendar & Pricing b. Select Calendar

  6. Click Bulk Edit on the right side.

  7. Adjust the date range at the top to cover the whole bookable period (two years into the future)

  8. Set the price and click Save.

  9. Make sure the rooms are set to Open, and click Save.

  10. Under 'Rooms to Sell' make sure only 1 room is assigned, click Save

  11. Unsnooze your listing in

Your calendar should now show Open/Bookable on all dates.

All that’s left to do now is to reconnect your listing to Hospitable! 🙂

If you have done these steps and the unsupported pricing model remains, you will need to contact support and ask them specifically to remove the pricing per guest (Occupancy Based Pricing or Rate Level Occupancy) option for your property on their backend.

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