Being compliant with tax rules is very important to our business. This article will explain why on some specific occasions we would not be able to create a subscription for you, in light of EU VAT rules, and how to solve this issue.

Operation failed as the eu country entered in billing address by customer cannot be verified against ip address or card bin number. Please contact support for further assistance

As a company incorporated in the European Union, Hospitable will charge VAT to its European (B2C) customers, and pay Value Added Tax (VAT) to your EU country of residence. In order to ensure we apply the correct VAT rate to your invoice, we need to collect at least 2 pieces of evidence pointing to the country of your billing address:

  • Your IP address should resolve to this country.

  • The bank issuing your debit/credit card should be located in this country.

If you are using PayPal

PayPal does not contribute towards providing any evidence of your location. For this reason, you may be required to provide a debit/credit card issued by a bank in the country of your billing address.

  • Customers whose billing address is outside of the EU, and whose IP address is geo-located outside of the EU, are not impacted by those rules.

  • Business customers from a EU member state, with a valid VAT number that can be used within the EU, are not impacted by those rules.

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