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Adding a payment method as a backup
Adding a payment method as a backup

To reduce the risk of your account being interrupted, we recommend that you add a backup payment method.

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You can save several payment methods to our service. If there is any issue with your primary payment method, we will then attempt to charge your backup for the full amount of an invoice.

You can add a new backup payment method by following those steps:

  • From the sidebar, click on Settings, then Subscription.

  • Click on Payment methods.

  • On that page, select the form to add a payment card, or click on the button to add a PayPal account, and follow the required steps.

  • After the payment method is added, click on "..." next to the card you have added and select "Set as backup".

You can save as many payment methods as you would like, but we will only accept once payment method to be used as your backup payment method.

Please note that we do not store any of your payment details. Your payment data transits directly through our PCI compliant service provider Braintree.

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