Here we will walk you through how to link your Airbnb account to Hospitable with the Unofficial Airbnb Integration.

All new customers after September 2, 2021 will be using the official integration. Customers who signed up before this date, may still be on the unofficial integration. If you see an option at the top of the Connected Accounts page to Invite hosts you are on the official integration.

From your Hospitable account:

  1. Select Connected Accounts from the tab options

  2. Click on Connect with Airbnb

  3. Enter your Airbnb credentials and click connect.

  4. Click on the box shown in step 1 to complete the captcha, this will take you to Airbnb directly

  5. Come back to and click on Complete Verification

In the new Airbnb account popup:

  1. Give Hospitable permission to manage the account's Reservations, conversations, Availability, and Pricing.

  2. Click Continue

  3. Enter your Airbnb account's credentials, and click on the Connect button.

  4. Select Click here to complete this step in a new tab button. This will take you to Airbnb, where you will need to complete steps shown there.

  5. One completed, click on the new Airbnb account page and click Continue.

  6. Choose a phone number to use for Airbnb's 2 Factor Authentication, click on Continue.

  7. Enter the verification code provided by Airbnb and select Continue.

  8. On a new page, you'll see which listings will be imported. Click Continue.

Once you have completed all these above steps, you will be taken back to the Connected Accounts page where you will see your new Airbnb account listed.

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