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Change Your Property's Minimum Night Stay
Change Your Property's Minimum Night Stay

Learn how to set and make changes to your property's minimum length of stay for all connected booking platforms

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You can manually set the minimum length of stay for certain dates in the Calendar. Manual changes to the minimum night stay will be pushed to all your listings within that property immediately, regardless of sub-sync settings.

Manually Set the Minimum Length of Stay

  1. Go to Calendar.

  2. Click on the date you wish to change twice (or, to select a series of dates, click on a start date and an end date).

    1. If you select more than one week, we will show a day of the week selection, with all dates selected by default. If you only want your minimum length of stay updates to apply to specific days of the week, deselect the unwanted days.

      In the example shown in this screenshot, changes will only apply to weekend dates (Friday and Saturday).

  3. Enter the value in the Minimum length of stay field.

  4. Click Save.

Minimum Nights Stay Sync

You can also enable minimum night stay sync, which will pull any changes from your lead listing and push them to all other listings.

Dynamic Pricing

You can also change minimum night stay settings with a connected pricing tool. Learn more about our Dynamic Pricing Integrations here.

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