On occasion, you may see different prices across PriceLabs, Hospitable, and the booking channel. Here are a few things you can check if this happens.

Is Smart Pricing disabled on Airbnb?

Pricing updates triggered by Smart Pricing on Airbnb can override prices we receive from PriceLabs. To resolve that, you can turn off Smart Pricing on Airbnb. Learn more here.

Does your API key have both Read and Write Calendar permissions checked?

Check that both Read Calendar and Write Calendar permissions in your PriceLabs API key, so that we can not only receive prices from PriceLabs but also send prices to the booking channels.

Did you update your prices on PriceLabs recently?

PriceLabs sends prices to us once every 24 hours. If you made changes to your prices on PriceLabs recently, you can click the Sync Now button on the property page in PriceLabs to trigger an immediate update. Learn more about how often PriceLabs syncs prices here.

Did you recently merge your listings in Hospitable?

Merging listings in Hospitable will take two properties and combine them into one.

One of the two previous property IDs gets deleted during this process. If that was the property ID that you had connected to PriceLabs, then the connection is broken.

You can find the property ID in the property's URL on Hospitable.com.

Make sure that the ID there matches to what you have on PriceLabs. It is called a 'Listing ID' on PriceLabs.

When merging, we prioritize the property ID of the one with more listings. If they have the same amount of listings, we prioritize Airbnb listings. If they have the same amount of Airbnb listings, then we prioritize the oldest property ID.

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