We can help you keep your calendars in sync across your platforms through our Sync subset that can handle reservations, pricing, availabilities, and minimum stays.

Calendar data

Reservations are always going to be synced when the main Sync tool is activated for a property.

Pricing, minimum stays, and availabilities (manual blocking/unblocking) can be optionally synced depending on your settings and the source of the change.


The calendar sync runs every 4.5 hours. The sync job checks your lead listing for any changes, which are then reflected on the Hospitable.com calendar. Additionally, if the relevant Sync sub-features are enabled, we push the changes to the other listings in the property group.

Changes made to the Hospitable.com calendar are pushed immediately to all connected platforms, whether the Sync sub-features are enabled or not.

We do not pull in any calendar data (with the exception of reservations) from non-lead listings.

New reservations are picked up immediately and we push the block to your other listings on that property.

The sync is also triggered whenever properties are merged or un-merged.

If you change the mark-up rate for a platform and Pricing sync is enabled, we push the new prices to that platform immediately.

Base rates & markups

The base rate is the amount shown on your Hospitable.com calendar.

When you update the price in Hospitable.com, or it is sent to us from PriceLabs, we will add the markup based on the markup rates defined for each platform before pushing the final amount to the individual listings.

When you update the price on the lead listing calendar, we will remove that channel's markup rate to get to the base price that is reflected on Hospitable.com. If you have Pricing Sync enabled, we will add your other channel or listing markup to the base price before pushing it to those additional listings.

For example, if your nightly rate is $100 on Airbnb, your lead platform, and you have a 3% markup, we’ll subtract 3% ($3) from that nightly rate of $100 to get to $97 as the base rate shown on Hospitable.com. From that base rate, we'll push an update to your other connected platforms, adding the channel or listing markup. If your Hospitable.com base rate was $97 and you had a Vrbo markup of 6%, we’d add 6% to $97 ($5.82) and push a final $102.82 to Vrbo.


Due to the difference in price formats on each platform, we will only detect changes when the price has changed, on the platform, by more or less than 1 whole currency denomination, e.g 1 whole dollar.


If you need further troubleshooting, please check out this article here.

If you have PriceLabs integrated to your Hospitable.com account check out this article here.

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