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How can I automate cleanings with
How can I automate cleanings with
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Connecting your Hospitable property to syncs property and reservation data to automate the process of scheduling cleanings. Once you have integrated your Hospitable account, you can use the app for free - you'll still need to pay the cleaners though 😉

On Generate your API key

API keys are credentials that will allow Wheelhouse to write to your calendar through

  1. Scroll down to Tools and click on API keys.

  2. Click the + Add new button. This will generate your unique API key, with a Client ID and a Client secret.

  3. Make sure that ✅ Read calendar permission remains checked, and that ❌ Write calendar is unchecked.

  4. Name the API key “Cleanster" (this is optional, but highly recommended so you can recognize it later)

On (mobile or web app): Log in (or sign up)

You must have a account to integrate with Hospitable.

  1. Click 'Book now!' on the mobile app, or 'New Booking' on the web app.

  2. Choose 'Short-Term Rental'.

  3. Select 'Connect to PMS'.

  4. Find 'Hospitable' and click 'Connect'.

  5. Enter the Client ID and Client secret that you generated on

  6. Click 'Connect'.

  7. Choose the property or properties you'd like to connect and click 'Add'.

  8. Confirm the property details. If you'd like cleaning to be booked automatically, make sure you toggle 'Activate auto-booking' on. Click 'Save'.

Each time you receive a reservation via a listing connected to a Hospitable property, Cleanster will automatically schedule a cleaning upon check-out!

If you need help, please review Cleanster's help article on how to automate your cleaning with Hospitable, or reach out to the Cleanster support team: [email protected].

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