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How to integrate Hospitable with Charge Automation?
How to integrate Hospitable with Charge Automation?
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Charge Automation is a product suite to manage the entire flow of your guest's experience, from online check-in to upsells and more.

To integrate Charge Automation with Hospitable, you must first have a Charge Automation account.


  1. Go to Apps.

  2. Click on API keys.

  3. Toggle over to API keys (legacy)

  4. Click on the + Add new button. This will generate API keys, with a Client ID and a Client secret.

  5. Make sure to select permissions to βœ… Read calendar

  6. Name the API key 'Charge Automation'

On Charge Automation:

  1. Login to your Charge Automation account here

  2. Connect your payment gateway (for example Stripe, etc) and choose if you want to turn on "Chargeback Protection" feature then click continue.

  3. On PMS step, choose Hospitable from the PMS list, and enter the Client ID and Client secret from the API key generated in the previous set of steps, and click Continue.

After a successful connection, Charge Automation will display a popup with a webhook URL. Copy the URL and paste it into Hospitable by following below steps.

  1. In your Hospitable account, click Apps then scroll to the Tools section and choose Webhooks.

  2. Paste the URL from Charge Automation into the field and click 'Add'.

Complete your configuration on Charge Automation to customize your guest experience. Charge Automation will create reservation specific pre check-in links, which you can share with your guests through Hospitable's Unified Inbox.

For more help configuring your Charge Automation account with Hospitable, please read Charge Automation's help article on integrating with Hospitable or reach out to their support team (available 24/7).

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