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FAQs & Troubleshooting - Subscription
FAQs & Troubleshooting - Subscription

In this article, we answer some of the most commonly asked questions related to your subscription

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Here are some questions that we see regularly. We would like you to immediately get an answer, so please see if your question is answered here before contacting us!

Can I pause my subscription?

This isn't something we offer at present. If you need to take a break from Hospitable, you can cancel your subscription and join us again later. We'll keep your account and information safe while you're away!

Why was I billed when I have no active properties?

Our base rate includes 1 active property if you're on the Host plan and the 2 active properties if you're on the Professional plan, with additional properties charged extra on top of this. Even if you have no active properties, we still bill you for the subscription fee. (If you're not on the Host or Professional plan, our base rate includes your first 2 properties, with additional properties charged extra on top of this)
Example: Think of this like your cell phone plan. Your provider gives you an allocation of minutes, messages, and data each month for a set price, and you pay more should you use anything outside your allowance. But even if you don't use any of the allowances, you still pay for your monthly line rental.

Why has the price of my subscription changed?

We added our Host & Professional plans in May 2024. Any customers who join us after this date will need to pick between these two subscription plans. Existing customers will remain at their previous prices.
If you were previously a customer with us and have returned since we've added our Host & Professional plans, you will not be able to return to your previous price.

Why was I charged a foreign transaction fee?

This fee is implemented by your bank, not us. We don't have any control over this, unfortunately. If it were up to us, you wouldn't be charged it!

Why was my payment declined?

There have been occasions in the past where banks have blocked payments due to them being classed as foreign transactions. Hospitable is registered in Estonia, so many US-based banks require the account owner to authorize the transaction.
​We recommend that you contact your bank to make sure that your account permits foreign transactions.

You can also contact our support team for further details, though we only sometimes have additional information to provide.

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