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How to integrate Clearing with Hospitable to automate your bookkeeping.
How to integrate Clearing with Hospitable to automate your bookkeeping.
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Connecting your Hospitable account to Clearing syncs property and reservation data to automate your bookkeeping and accounting.


To integrate Hospitable with Clearing, you'll need a Clearing account. If you don't already have a Clearing account, you can visit to request a demo and get started.

On Generate your API key

API keys are credentials that will allow Clearing to access property information through

  1. Go to Apps.

  2. Click on API keys.

  3. Toggle over to API keys (legacy)

  4. Click on the + Add new button. This will generate API keys, with a Client ID and a Client secret.

  5. Make sure that βœ… Read calendar permission remains checked, and that ❌ Write calendar is unchecked.

  6. Name the API key β€œClearing" (this is optional, but highly recommended so you can recognize it later)

Configure the integration from within Clearing

  1. If your account is already created and you can access your Dashboard, click your name in the bottom left of the platform and select 'Integrations'. If you're in the process of onboarding, continue the steps below when prompted to select your PMS.

  2. Choose 'Hospitable' from the dropdown to select as your PMS.

  3. Once selected, you'll be prompted to enter your Client ID and Client secret that you just created on > Apps > API keys.

  4. Once you have entered both Client ID and Client Secret, copy the URL provided in the same Clearing integration window under Connect, and proceed to Hospitable to complete

Set up your Clearing webhook in Hospitable

  1. Go to Apps.

  2. Click on Webbooks.

  3. Paste the URL copied from Clearing and click 'Add'.

  4. Once this URL has been added, please click on 'Send now' right below in the same Webhook section in Hospitable. This will ensure that all historical reservations for 2023 are synced with Clearing. Please note that clicking 'Send now' will send historical reservation webhooks to all webhooks URLs. If you have additional webhook URLs configured for other services, historical reservations will be sent to all.

Confirm your assets in Clearing

Once the integration has been connected, your properties will pull into Clearing from Hospitable automatically. You can always add more as your business grows.

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