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How to integrate Rankbreeze with Hospitable to automate dynamic pricing.
How to integrate Rankbreeze with Hospitable to automate dynamic pricing.
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What does the Rankbreeze Integration do with Hospitable?

Rankbreeze sends dynamic pricing & minimum night updates from their Pricing Engine to Hospitable.

  • Rankbreeze pushes spot rate changes immediately to Hospitable when certain pricing rules are set, such as when your occupancy rate reaches a certain level.

  • Rankbreeze pulls property details & reservations from Hospitable & starts receiving reservation updates from Hospitable in real-time (after connecting the webhooks URL in the upcoming steps).


On Generate your API key

API keys are credentials that will allow Rankbreeze to access property and calendar information through

  1. Scroll down to Tools and click on API keys.

  2. Toggle over to API keys (legacy)

  3. Click the + Add new button. This will generate your unique API key, with a Client ID and a Client secret.

  4. Make sure that ✅ Read calendar and ✅ Write calendar permissions are checked.

  5. Name the API key “Rankbreeze" (this is optional, but highly recommended so you can recognize it later)

On Rankbreeze: Connect Hospitable

  1. Go to the integrations page, find Hospitable & click the Connect button.

  2. Copy & paste your Client ID and Client Secret from Hospitable into Rankbreeze.

  3. Copy the Webhooks URL from Rankbreeze, and proceed to the next step on

On Add the Webhook URL from Rankbreeze

  1. Paste the Webhooks URL from Rankbreeze into Hospitable & click the "Add" button

On Rankbreeze: Match Listings & Press Connect

  1. Next, you will need to match up the properties from Hospitable to the ones in Rankbreeze.

  2. Once you've selected the listing from the dropdown menu, press Connect.

  3. Turn on the ‘Update Prices’ switch for each property to sync daily.

For questions about how the Rankbreeze integration works, please review the Rankbreeze's help article or contact the Rankbreeze support team at [email protected].

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