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How to integrate Hospitable with DACK
How to integrate Hospitable with DACK

Integrate Hospitable with DACK to create reservation-specific links for your guests.

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DACK is an all-in-one, mobile-first, guest experience platform. DACK enables operators to provide their guests with digital access, contactless check-in and checkout, in-stay surveys, intuitive property guides, one-touch WiFi, local recommendations, and dynamic upsells via a powerful and intuitive mobile application. DACK is available in iOS, Android, and web versions.

To integrate DACK with Hospitable, you must first have a DACK account.

On Generate your API key

API keys are credentials that will allow DACK to access property and calendar information through

  1. Go to Apps.

  2. Click on API keys.

  3. Toggle over to API keys (legacy)

  4. Click on the + Add new button. This will generate API keys, with a Client ID and a Client secret.

  5. Make sure that βœ… Read calendar permission remains checked, and that ❌ Write calendar is unchecked.

  6. Name the API key β€œDACK" (this is optional, but highly recommended so you can recognize it later)


  1. Login to your DACK operator portal

  2. Go to Account Settings > Integrations> SmartBnB (Hospitable)

  3. Paste your Client ID and Client Secret in the Jwt Token section, separated by a : (for example: ClientID:ClientSecret)

  4. Click Save

DACK will now receive property and reservation information from Hospitable, in order to create reservation-specific links for your guests. Note: DACK's payment processing features are not integrated with Hospitable. Hospitable is unaware of any payments collected and processed on DACK.

For more help configuring your DACK account with Hospitable, please read DACK's help article on integrating with Hospitable or reach out to their support team.

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