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How to integrate Hospitable with StayFi
How to integrate Hospitable with StayFi

StayFi’s integration with Hospitable lets Hospitable users import their guest list into StayFi.

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Save on StayFi

Hospitable hosts that integrate their account with StayFi get access to StayFi's email marketing tool free for the first 200 contacts, plus savings on higher tiers. No promo code needed - applicable to new and existing StayFi customers.

  • Up to 200 contacts: FREE (vs $15 standard price)

  • 201-500 contacts: $7.50/mo (vs $15 standard price)

  • 501-750 contacts: $15/mo (vs $25 standard price)

  • 751-1000 contacts: $20/mo (vs $25 standard price)

Discount applied directly to your invoice. Find out more here.

Bonus offer

On top of StayFi being free for the first 200 contacts, StayFi is offering an exclusive 50% off for four months on their email marketing tool for any new customers using the promo code HOSPITABLE50. Available until the end of June 2024.

StayFi’s integration with Hospitable lets Hospitable users import their guest list into StayFi and use StayFi’s internal email and text marketing tools to stay in touch with past guests. Hospitable users can also use StayFi’s wifi splash pages to collect the contact information of every guest, not just the booker, thereby growing their guest list quicker and having a more complete idea of who is staying at their properties.

To integrate StayFi with Hospitable, you must first have a StayFi account with a splash page and property groups.

On Generate your API key

API keys are credentials that will allow StayFi to access property and calendar information through

  1. Go to Apps.

  2. Click on API keys.

  3. Toggle over to API keys (legacy)

  4. Click on the + Add new button. This will generate API keys, with a Client ID and a Client secret.

  5. Make sure that ✅ Read calendar permission remains checked, and that ❌ Write calendar is unchecked.

  6. Name the API key “StayFi" (this is optional, but highly recommended so you can recognize it later)

On StayFi:

  1. Login to your StayFi account

  2. Go to Integrations > Select Hospitable

  3. Paste your Client ID and Client Secret

  4. Click Connect

Import Properties into StayFi:

  1. Confirm you've created a splash page and property groups in StayFi

  2. Click Properties > Import Properties From PMS

  3. Assign each of your Hospitable Properties to a property group in StayFi

  4. Select 'Import Properties'

Now you can leverage StayFi to do email marketing to guests who have previously stayed in your properties and have shared their emails with you.

For more help configuring your StayFi account with Hospitable, please read StayFi's help article on integrating with Hospitable or reach out to their support team.

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