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Airbnb Cohosted Accounts

Hospitable supports all Airbnb accounts, whether they are primary hosted or co-hosted

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Important note: the Primary Listing Admin (also known as the Listing Owner on Airbnb) must be connected to Hospitable to pick up reservation changes (like Accepted > Cancelled), send messages as expected, or post reviews.

How to Check if the Primary Listing Admin is Connected to Hospitable

  1. If the listing admin is not connected, your Airbnb account will be highlighted in yellow, and you will see the Invite Host button.

How to Connect the Primary Listing Admin/Listing Owner

How to Send Messages from Cohost

For properties that have more than one Airbnb host connected, you can choose the sender of messages for Airbnb guests.

For manual messages

In the guest’s conversation thread (Inbox > Click on the Guest), you will see a drop-down arrow next to the host’s photo. Click on it to change the sender.

For scheduled messages

Open the messaging rule by going to Guest Experience > Messaging Rules > Click on the message.

Under Scope, you can select the host from which you want the message to be sent.

If more than one host is selected for the same property, the Listing Owner/Primary Listing Admin will be the default sender.

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