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I cannot connect my account

Known limitations and things to be aware of when trying to connect your listing to

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Important: The connection process must start on Hospitable!

Please make sure to start the connection process from Hospitable > Connected accounts. Starting the connection from will fail.

If you’ve started the connection process from Hospitable but it still didn’t work, then here are some possible reasons why:

Connection to Other Software

If your listing already has a connection to another software such as a pricing software or a property management system, then your connection to Hospitable will not work.

Due to the nature of our connection with, only one connection can be active at a time. You will, therefore, need to remove all other connections. Here is how to do it:

  1. Go to your Extranet

  2. Select Account

  3. Select Connectivity provider

  4. Click Disconnect if there is any connected software there

Supported Rate Plans

Hospitable only supports certain rate plans on You will need to make sure that your listings on are set up on a supported rate plan. These are:

  • Flexible

  • Refundable

  • Custom

You can quickly tell whether or not your rate plan on is supported by Hospitable!

Here is how:

Learn more about how to change this, HERE

Imported iCal

If your listing has an imported iCal from another software or booking platform, then you will need to remove this before attempting to connect your listing to Hospitable again.

Here is how to see if you have connected iCals:

  1. Go to your Extranet

  2. Select the property in question

  3. Go to Rates & Availability or Calendar & Pricing

  4. Select Calendar sync

  5. If you see any connected iCals there, please delete them

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