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Multi-Inventory Properties and Hotels on
Multi-Inventory Properties and Hotels on

What sort of inventory can you have, and what works with your connection?

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If you are a hotel that sells two or more of the exact same room, then you will usually have that set up as one listing on, with an inventory of two or more. This is the so-called multi-inventory or hotel set-up.

Hospitable is not able to work with a hotel inventory type of set-up. All listings must have an inventory of no greater than one!

On the calendar page, this is represented as “Rooms to sell”. This number must be at one.

If you have one apartment that you rent out as a whole, and it has three bedrooms, then you still set your inventory to one on

If you then decide to rent out every room in your apartment separately, then you will need to create listings for each of the rooms on, with the inventory set to one.

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