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Everything You Need to Know About Vrbo
Everything You Need to Know About Vrbo

This article is your go-to resource for unraveling the intricacies of connecting with Vrbo and ensuring a smooth experience

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What happens to your Vrbo account after connecting to Hospitable

When connected, you can expect Vrbo to work the same way. We do not change any of the settings of your Vrbo channel or interfere with your usage of your booking channel.

This means you can still communicate with your guests, send pre-approvals or decline guests, accept or reject requests to book, change your password or payout details, and do all the many operations you usually do on your booking channel.

Vrbo’s limitations when connected to another property management software

Vrbo’s API does not allow us to read or edit the Vrbo calendar when another property management software (otherwise known as “PMS,” such as Guesty, Lodgify, Hostfully, etc.) is used.

If you are using a PMS on Vrbo, automated messaging and pulling in reservations will work as normal - only the features involving the calendar are affected.


Security is paramount to our business, as it is for yours. We have designed a system that protects your booking channel credentials, which we have detailed on our data security page.

If needed, it is always possible to void the access token by changing your password directly on the booking channel.

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