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My Vrbo Account Was Disconnected
My Vrbo Account Was Disconnected
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We connect to Vrbo as an active session, much like when you log in to the Vrbo app yourself. As a security measure, Vrbo will disconnect these sessions regularly to ensure you're still in control of the account.

Our system will automatically try to reconnect a disconnected account, but this may not work in all situations. We will notify you if Vrbo ends our session with them.

To reduce Vrbo disconnections

  • Please make sure that you aren't using a VPN when logging in

  • Set up 2-factor authentication on Vrbo (to set this up, follow the steps here)

If you see frequent disconnections and have completed the following recommendations, please contact our support team.

How to reconnect your account

  1. Click on the Reconnect or Edit>Update buttons

  2. Follow the steps in the process, which may require you to enter your account credentials and follow two-factor authentication with the channel

As soon as your account is reconnected, we will re-import listings, reservations and conversations in their most recent state. We will also regenerate all scheduled messages for reservations that may have been secured while the account was disconnected.

If you cannot reconnect

  • Ensure that the username and password you entered for your account are correct by manually typing in your login credentials

  • If you use a VPN (Virtual Private Network), try resyncing your Vrbo channel while disconnected from the VPN

  • Change the email address/password on your Vrbo account

  • Reconnect using another device, such as the mobile app

  • If resetting your password was unsuccessful, or you can't reset the password, the block is temporary and usually resolves itself within a few days


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