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Special Request Messages from Guests
Special Request Messages from Guests

Why did a guest's first message not appear on It might be because it’s a Special Request message!

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During the booking process, your guest is asked if they have any special requests for the host. Guests can make a request by choosing from a drop-down menu on the booking page:

If the guest selects anything from there, it will appear as a message on the conversation thread on the Extranet.

However, does not forward these Special requests or other Structured requests through their messaging API to us, and therefore, we cannot display them in the conversation thread on your Hospitable inbox.

You will have to keep an eye out for these on the Extranet when a reservation is booked.

Special requests and Structured requests affected by this are requests for:

  • Check in/out time

  • Date change

  • Cancel for less

  • Parking

  • Bed preference

  • Extra crib

  • Extra bed ("Add an extra bed")

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