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Connect Hospitable with SuiteOp
Connect Hospitable with SuiteOp
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Connecting Hospitable to SuiteOp syncs property, calendar and reservation data to streamline your operations.

On SuiteOp

  1. Log in to your account on

  2. Go to Organization > Integrations > Hospitable

  3. Click Add new to add your Hospitable account

  4. You will then be directed to log into your Hospitable account to link the integration to your SuiteOp account

  5. Upon redirection to SuiteOp, click Sync listings to import your Hospitable properties

  6. Click Add property to start the mapping process

  7. Assign the property to a group

  8. Complete the process by clicking Add property

Each time you receive a reservation via a listing connected to a Hospitable property, SuiteOp will be notified.

This integration was built by SuiteOp. If you need additional support, please review SuiteOp's help article on how to connect to Hospitable, or reach out to the SuiteOp's support team directly at [email protected].

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