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Integrating with Key Data

Integrate Key Data with Hospitable to get customizable, real-time dashboards.

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Integrate Key Data with Hospitable to get customizable, real-time dashboards that provide true visibility into the performance of short-term rentals.

Existing Key Data customers

If you are already using Key Data and do not have your Hospitable account connected, you can reach out to their support team to get help in pulling your Hospitable data into your Key Data dashboards.

New to Key Data?

The best way to see the benefits of Key Data and get started with their data, sourced directly from their co-op of millions of vacation rental properties worldwide, OTAs, and hotels, is to book a demo call with their team.

Onboarding with Key Data

Key Data has an excellent bespoke onboarding process to help you get your Hospitable account connected and your data dashboards set up. Once you have completed your demo, Key Data will guide you through the following steps:

Welcome email

The welcome email includes an onboarding questionnaire. This questionnaire asks

for essential information such as company name, unit count, and contact details.

Data Validation

During the data validation stage, they carefully review the information

to ensure that it is flowing correctly and that there are no anomalies

or issues with how the data is being received.

Onboarding Call

Key Data schedule a call with you to review the dashboard and address any questions

or concerns you may have.

Onboarding Complete

The onboarding process is considered complete once you are comfortable navigating the dashboard. However, your dedicated support specialist is always available.

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